Friday, July 05, 2013

Two articles and four recent book reviews, at Sunday Deccan Herald.

1. Well-known writer Kalpana Swaminthan (also a surgeon) has tried to create an Indian  Miss Marple through her Detective Lalli series of mysteries.  I have read only this one book from the series-- and I found it strictly ok,perhaps a one-time read. Check out The Secret Gardener if you like mysteries.

The book --

My review :

2. A lovely inspiring book --Legacy, edited by Sudha  Menon.

3.A Karan Johar flick in a book!

4. This is a pretty good book, quite revealing about real Delhi --but don't expect a great thriller. It's more a  readable and fairly  witty critique of Delhi, the press, the police...all that we read about Delhi.

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