Friday, July 05, 2013

Two articles and four recent book reviews, at Sunday Deccan Herald.

1. Well-known writer Kalpana Swaminthan (also a surgeon) has tried to create an Indian  Miss Marple through her Detective Lalli series of mysteries.  I have read only this one book from the series-- and I found it strictly ok,perhaps a one-time read. Check out The Secret Gardener if you like mysteries.

The book --

My review :

2. A lovely inspiring book --Legacy, edited by Sudha  Menon.

3.A Karan Johar flick in a book!

4. This is a pretty good book, quite revealing about real Delhi --but don't expect a great thriller. It's more a  readable and fairly  witty critique of Delhi, the press, the police...all that we read about Delhi.

Three more book reviews from me, at Sunday Deccan Herald

1. Monisha Rajesh a, debutant writer gets it right in this sparkling travelogue through India -- Around India in 80 Trains. Here is a link to the book details:

And here is my review:

2. This one is right up there in my all-time favourites list.  Sanjeev Sanyal has written a brilliant history of  India's geography. Here is a link to the book details.

And here is my glowing review:

3. Veteran travel writers Hugh and Colleen Gantzer  are at it again, re-discovering India for travellers and travelogue-buffs. Here is a link to one of their books from the Inriguing India series.

My review of this book :